We're Your Agent and
We Got Your Back!

On-The-Map Dispatch

All The Haul Logistics offers Top-Tier Freight Dispatching Services to Owner Operators across the nation. We pride ourselves in obtaining the highest paying freight possible, treating your trucks as if they were one of our own, essentially managing the day-to-day logistics and operations of your business. Which include:

  • Researching Quality Loads
  • New Shipper/Broker Setups
  • Negotiating Top-Tier Rates
  • Booking & Load Planning
  • 24-hour OTR Support

We understand the value of your time, and with our insight to logistics, it helps provide us with the best capabilities to dispatch your fleet successfully. We strive for optimum performance to allot you more time to focus on the most important part of what you do, and that's THE ROAD AHEAD! We also provide our industry analytics to help improve the efficiency of your business, while we also focus our attention to building relationships within the industry to best benefit your business. Ultimately, increasing your Profitability and minimizing your losses! 


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